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Get maximum exposure for your restaurant on the Internet at an unbelievably low cost!   Join RestaurantSurfing.com, a local online directory designed to promote restaurants in Ontario.  Your listing includes your contact information, a description of your restaurant and three different links to your website.  To see a sample, check out http://kw.restaurantsurfing.com

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Studies show that over 80% of website traffic is generated through the major search engines.  RestaurantSurfing.com ranks in the top 10 on the majority of the search engines.  Many spots are #1 positions, ahead of everyone else!  Just go to a few different search engines and search for the following:

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Joining RestaurantSurfing.com is a sure fire way of getting your restaurant noticed by diners searching for restaurants and it's far less expensive than the alternative methods of advertising.  In fact, just one small ad in the newspaper will cost you more than an entire year of service with us and the best part is that you're advertising to a targeted audience -- people searching for restaurants -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Super Low Price...

The cost for our service is only $9.95 per month plus a one time $97 set-up fee!  There's simply no other site out there that even comes close to what RestaurantSurfing.com has to offer.  Don't delay any longer -- it's time to make your mark on the Internet and there are only so many top 10 spots available!

P.S.  If you don't already have your own website, we can help you create one and even help you register your very own domain name (ie. YourRestaurant.com).  A website promotes your restaurant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  The Internet is the way of the future and people are growing to expect this extra level of information -- the Yellow Pages simply doesn't cut it anymore.


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